There is an age-long battle for young minds – a battle to distract young people and corrupt their destinies. It is a battle where our youth are experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the degradation of the moral fiber of our societies and spiritual attacks from the enemy, manifesting in different guises and garbs.
This book was written with these vulnerable young people at the forefront – to help them find lasting answers, and for youth pastors, leaders, and minsters working with or seeking to work with the youth, and for all parents and guardians, to equip and empower them to help their children and those entrusted in their care to overcome and deal with these urgent issues.
Luring Trends identifies eight egregious issues confronting our youth in the 21st century, not only in Nigeria but across the globe. Each chapter covers a specific topic, although these are presented in no particular order of priority. These are trailblazing issues in that they are novel and evolving, constantly wrestling with the morality and spiritual conduct of our youth. They range from Pleasure Rituals, Sexually Saturated Society, Homosexuality, BDSM, Addictions, Entertainment Industry, etc.

– Prof. Nathan H. Chiroma

“This book is a must-read for every Christian – young people and adults alike. Youth pastors and church leaders can make or adopt it as a manual for their youth ministry.”

On many occasions, I have sat across the table from couples whose weddings I was a guest at or even officiated, listening to them share the same story in different ways about wanting to end their marriage. These conversations have always pulled at my heartstrings, and since I have become involved in marriage counseling, I am pained by these sad realities. I am constantly asking myself why and how we got here, where Christian couples consider divorce or separation as an option for their marriage.

How did we miss the point that our Father instituted marriage and gave us the blueprint to make it work!

My experiences as a family life minister and marriage counselor urged me to write this book; guided by the hand of the Holy Spirit, of course. Stirred by the overwhelming distress of modern-day couples, it was clear that God was giving me a greater vision, leading me to explore His Word for tools and guidelines for anticipation and avoidance. So, I could not look away.

As couples, there are challenges you can expect, and that we all experience at some point. The chapters of this book are devoted to helping you confront and deal with these challenges if and when they arise.

Earthly Maintenance for Marriage invites you to reflect on your human responsibilities – or earthly maintenance – to nurture a blissful, rewarding, and sustainable marriage.

– Dr James Zasha

“The book makes an excellent training manual for those who are preparing to marry, and for married couples for on-the-job training as husbands and wives. I highly recommend the book for those who are interested in enjoying their marriage here on earth.”

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