Every generation has its peculiar challenges and trends. After Adam fell in the Garden of Eden, every human being that ever lived or that will ever live on mother earth must contend with what quintessential gospel preacher, Rev. Silas Yako, calls ‘generational devils’ who infiltrate and try to corrupt Gods goodness and purpose for every generation. This implies that every generation has a devil to conquer. Little wonder, Rev. Col. (Dr.) S.K Bargo’s admonition which I cited in my book, ‘Luring Trends’ comes in handy; “God reveals His wisdom generationally” (Dickson, 2021: xv). Thus, the wisdom of God and the power of God are fundamental to conquering the ‘generational devils’ ravaging our children, the Church, society, and the world.

The ‘generational devils’ of this 21st century are complicated. Complicated not because the devil has become more ferocious than he was in history or because of the absence of right or wrong, evil or good. It is complicated because this generation is making relative of Christian’s standard of measurement- the BIBLE. Ironically, the infallible truth in the Bible is being distorted by both the preachers of the Bible and practitioners when it relates to practicing biblical truth. For example, some practices that the Bible calls sin are what our Society (sometimes, even the Church) preaches against, but are guilty of the same in practice. Here are some of such practices: The truth which used to be absolute is now relative, i.e. truth is now determined by the individual preacher or Christians, not the Bible. Once upon a time when the Bible speaks in the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ all Christians responded ‘Amen’, but today (“Now upon a time”), experience has it that Christians now question Biblical positions on life, morality, and value systems, especially biblical teachings that expose and speak against the works of the flesh as written in Gal. 5:19-21 (Tree of Life version). 19 “Now the deeds of the flesh are clear: sexual immorality, impurity, indecency, 20 idolatry, witchcraft, hostility, strife, jealousy, rage, selfish ambition, dissension, factions, 21 envy, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these. I am warning you, just as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit God’s kingdom.” The practices of these things in any form are unacceptable by the biblical truth- irrespective of who is practicing them. Though ‘Now upon a time” these vices seem entertained and celebrated in some Christian gatherings. Let us frown at and speak against these vices as negating biblical standards of Christian living. How can we entertain the practices that the Bible condemns and still professes to be Christians?

Another twist in the “Now upon a time” is the praxis of dressing. Dressing that used to be seen and addressed as nakedness / immoral is now colorfully termed ‘fashion’ or ‘trendy’ or ‘looking sexy’. A former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Eme Ekaette, Chairperson of the Nigerian Senate Committee on Women and Youth, once said that “no responsible society should fold its arms while its institutions, put in place to perpetuate the nation are taken over by forces promoting unbridled freedom.” She went further to say “those who want to parade the streets naked in the name of modern fashion can do so in marketplaces, public squares, and perhaps on the beaches, but the state and civil society owe a responsibility to civilized behavior to protect institutions such as schools, churches/mosque and government buildings from disoriented models of new fashion. If we must be sincere, naked women are among the remote causes of the alarming breakdown of public morality and the general moral fiber of our contemporary society.” Professor Michael Asuzu of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, concurs and adds “women who dress to reveal flesh wish to make this simple statement, ‘I am available- take me, if you like what you are seeing.” (Daily Sun; Feb. 13, 2008, pg. 16). Trust me when I tell you, we must intentionally address the issue of dressing in our Churches. Body-revealing dresses by ladies and boxer-revealing dresses by men invite us to question the content of the minds. Remember that a wo/man’s mind reveals who s/he is (Prov. 23:7), so does a wo/man’s fruit (action) reveal her/his mind (Mt. 7:16). So, though nobody knows your mind, your fruit as expressed in deeds/actions and behavior, reveal your mind.

One more twist in the ‘Now upon a time’ is integrity. A mentor, Dr. James Zasha told me a story of how in his undergraduate days at Ahmadu Bello University (A.B.U) Zaria, the newspaper vendors will bring their newspapers on campus in the morning and leave them at the paper stands with some money (change) and go back home. Students and lecturers, he said, will go to the stand, pick the paper of their choice and leave their payments at the designated newspaper stand (remember that the vendor is not present). At the end of the day, the vendor returns pick money left as payment and his ‘unsold’ papers. Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, can that happen in our universities today (be it a secular or religious university) or seminary, or even inside religious worship centers? I agree with your answers. Integrity in words and deeds is a potent message of Christianity.

In conclusion, every one of us must conquer the ‘generational devil’ of “Now upon a time” by getting back to the Word (Psalm 119:105, Proverbs 4:20- 27). We must also discipline ourselves to believe and live by God’s Word. It was the ECWA president, Rev. (Dr.) Stephen Panya Baba observed that “a lot of Christians Study the word but either don’t believe in it or don’t want to live by it.” Until the Bible determines our values, reasoning, relationships, and ‘culture’, we may end up sustaining the religiosity of Christianity without breathing the life that Christianity gives to society.

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Sometime in February 2021, I went to visit an older couple who have been married for slightly over forty years. We had a healthy conversation regarding the marriage institution. Having noticed the expression of joy and bond of friendship between them (husband and wife), my curiosity was aroused, and to entertain my curiosity, I asked them if their marriage has always been this tantalizing, romantic and friendly? This question engineered the discussion that led to this article.

Gleaning from this ‘perfect couple’ I rediscovered that marriage is not for perfect people and ‘perfect marriage’ is only possible when two imperfect human beings decide, train, endure in commitment to each other and their marital vows. The ‘perfect marriage’ I saw in them was a marathon commitment to each other and their marital vows through forgiveness, disagreement to agree, sacrifices, and accepting to be the fool, so the spouse looks wise in his/her foolishness. This supposedly ‘perfect couple’ once fought through a season where the husband broke their marriage vows by having carnal knowledge of other women. There were also seasons of disagreement and temptation to dissolve the marriage, but their commitment to each other was the rallying motivation to fight off every intruder into their marriage.

Pst. & Mrs. O. J. Dickson

Commitment to your marriage is the surest way to stay happily married – commitment to God’s instruction in Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 21-33. The love and vows in marriages are often tried and tempted with legions and series of disappointments such as infidelity, delayed childbirth, terrible or hidden moral past, financial hardship, prosperity, dissatisfaction with a spouse, inexplicable detestation for a spouse, materialistic spouse, changed and strange behaviours, stingy (super-glue hand) spouse, insatiable hunger for sex, and sexual starvation, in-law, out-law, corner-law, by-law wahala.… Just to mention a few.

There is rarely any marriage on earth that is not tried or tempted by some or all of the above-listed unwelcomed realities. These unwelcome realities seek to drain joy, love and cause divorces in many marriages. However, knowing living testaments like the couple in my introduction readily suggests that it is possible to weather these unwelcome realities. Also, for regard to God before whom, you took a vow; in Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 verse 4-5, God’s word speaks to you that “when you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfil it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfil your vow. 5. It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfil it.” I suggest, with the help of the Holy Spirit that you value and seek to fulfil your marital vows because:

  1. it reveals your attitude towards God,
  2. it divulges your relationship with Christ,
  3. God has no pleasure in those who don’t seek to fulfil their vows.

For the bereavement of commitment to spouse and vows, some couples seek alternative pleasure in things (like drugs), addictions (like pornography and masturbation), immorality (sexing someone else other than your spouse). You and your spouse can light the joy of love in your marriage despite the trials and temptations you are facing right now. Believe me, you can conquer that storm that is trying to steal the peace in your marriage. Don’t give and seek separation or divorce, you can win that battle if you are committed to fighting them off your marriage. Others have conquered theirs – you will also conquer yours! Commit yourself to write a story that will delight your children to read.

Fight to keep your marriage vows and commit yourself to love your spouse until the commitment to love is formed in your spouse.



The story was told of a young man who once lived in a community with his
parents. His father was reputable for addiction to alcohol, and his mother was famous for petty trading. In that community, there was a weekly market where his mother sold grains every Thursday. Someday, he mobilized his friends (the youth) in that community to fix all the leaking thatched roofs of shops in the market. On account of this young man and his friends, the shops in the market had better roofs over them that prevented rain from ruining the community women’s business.

In the annals of this community, what do you think this young man (and his friends) will be remembered for?…….. Exactly my point. Posterity remembers them for fixing the roof of the shops in the community market, though with thatched grasses which they went and gathered from the bush. Posterity will not remember him for his father’s or mother’s preferred choice of life, but for what he and his friends did for the benefit of their community.

Life is sometimes lived in transit- being with different people in different places. Where you live and the people you are currently relating with were probably not in your inner circle twenty years ago. Reason that life is sometimes lived in transit. Interestingly, you are remembered for something- rightly or wrongly at every spot on that transit. Thus, for posterity’s sake, be intentional in your actions and inactions as you relate and experience people within your space and fellowship. Honestly, you will be always remembered for who you are and what you do (or are doing right now for the benefit of others, the Church and society). More so, the people you help will remember you for your help while the people you refuse to help will definitely remember you for not helping them even when you had the privilege to do so.

The posterity question this article wishes to ask and stir in your heart is “what are you remembered for?” Within your environment, office space, what runs through the minds of colleagues, relatives, and Church members when your name is mentioned? Whether dead or alive, these questions are timeless. The answer to these questions is simple- the impact of your actions in other people’s lives, not because of the sound of your name or title or length of years on earth. Trust me when I tell you that your today’s acts of making life worth living for others and the Church of Christ constitute posterity for future reference.

Permit me to stretch your thought and awaken your sensitivity; in the next two or five or ten or 50 years (2, 5, 10, 50 yrs.) if Christ tarries, you may be alive or gone to rest with the Lord, but your today’s acts in terms of actions and inactions in other people’s lives will be remembered for posterity. You may or may not have the opportunity to write your history twice. Thus, wisdom demands that you write your story exactly how you want it read for posterity. I strongly suggest that you write the script of your life with the ink of what you are doing for others in your family, Church and society.

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A story was shared of a couple who got divorced because the husband accused his wife of not being submissive enough. By that, he meant that his wife, though she submits her salary to him at every month end, but sometimes requests him to add to her monthly allowances so she can help her parents. He got pissed because he felt that it wasn’t in her place to request any amount other than the monthly allowances that he gives her. He was not contented with having that kind of woman as his wife, so he divorced her.

What he failed to understand was the truth that, her kind of woman is some men’s dream wife, but his lack of contentment with whom he had as a wife did not help him to see that virtue in her.

In another related shared story, a couple lived in frustration and bitterness with each other for twelve years because the wife accused her husband of not providing for her needs the way some of her friends’ husbands were doing for them.

Friends, some spouse’s lack of contentment with each other may account for the strain and breakdown of affection and joy in their marriages. Contentment in marriage invites you to appreciate your spouse, though s/he is not the best of all wo/men on earth, s/he is someone else’s desired spouse. The grass may look greener on the other side, but trust me, it may not be as green as you think; it may only be green on the surface. Underneath, it may be yellow or red.

For example, that neighbour’s husband you wish to exchange with your husband may have some flaws in his life which his wife is enduring, thus making him look flawless. The same can be said of some husbands who despise their wives’ affection and forbearing in admiration of someone else’s wife who looks perfect from a distance.

Pst. & Mrs. O.J Dickson

Apostle Paul, speaking on contentment, notes in Philippians chapter four verse eleven,

“…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content”

(English Standard version).

The Amplified Bible renders

“…for I have learned to be content [and self-sufficient through Christ, satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or uneasy] regardless of my circumstances.”

This praxis of Apostle Paul suggests the following lessons:

  1. Contentment is learned. It is not inherent in human beings to be contented. What is inherent in human beings is the desire to have things that are not yours, while ignoring or despising the things you have. However, contentment does not mean a lack of ambition or seeking for a more enriching virtue in your spouse, but it entails learning to appreciate your spouse as s/he evolves.
  2. Contentment breeds satisfaction. Contentment aids couples to find satisfaction in each other, appreciate their journey together, and empowers them to derive strength from each other.
  3. Contentment, an antidote to uneasiness. The uneasiness or disturbances in some marriages can be cured or reduced to a bearable minimum if couples become contented with their present realities while hoping for better days. My wife and I have a guiding slogan when life confronts us with financial lack and difficult moments; we always remind ourselves to ‘enjoy the process.’ By that, we mean our present realities will not affect our affection and friendship with each other. That is, contentment keeps the love aglow amidst needs and lack.

Needless to remind you that contentment will grace you to enjoy the strength of your spouse as you both bear with each other through the weaknesses and trying moments of life. Also, always remember that your spouse’s kind maybe someone else’s desire.



Just as we talk of five-star hotels, in a sense we can also talk of five-star husbands or five-star wives. There are specific areas where the husband and wife must be excelling in order to become a five-star husband or a five-star wife. These are key areas of being available, being approachable, being appreciative, being accountable and being authentic. Let us take a brief look at each one after the other.

Being Available

  • Simply being there. To each other and later to children.
  • Note the challenge of both or one person being at work 7-5 Monday to Friday (Plus part of Saturdays for some); at church 5-8 two-three days a week. Or even more difficult challenge husband and wife living in different towns.
  • Tough choices to make regarding work and living together.
  • Not reading the headlines when he/she is talking.
  • Make an effort to be at home, make time to be at home.
  • Cut down on outside social responsibilities, including clubs, sports and even “Fellowships” and “Ministry” engagements.
  • Simply “be there”.

Being Approachable

  • It is not enough to be at home.
  • Be touchable.
  • Mood: Don’t frown too much, don’t bone too much, substitute kissing for hissing.
  • Watch your tone. what you are saying may be right, but when you raise your voice you become wrong.
  • Mind your posture: In bed which direction do you face? Do you put yourself on the far edge of the bed facing the wall and almost falling down, with three pillows behind you?
  • Initiate little plays with each other.
  • Simply be a friend.

Dr. James Zasha – Marriage and Family Counsellor.

Being Appreciative

  • Aim at appreciating rather than depreciating him/her.
  • Look out for things to commend.
  • Be affirmative: Look out for the positives, and commend them.
  • Avoid being the Number One critic at home.
  • Substitute “I told you” with “I love you”.
  • Substitute condemnation with commendation.
  • Learn to say thank you; well done; you are doing well; I am proud of you; I love you.

Being Accountable

  • Being accountable is giving another person your PERSONAL MEDDLING RIGHTS (PMR), the right to meddle in your private and personal matters and ask you irritating questions.
  • Being accountable is letting another person enter your private universe, and being willing to supply any missing information.
  • Avoid keeping “Secret” Files. Each person has a private universe that is carefully guarded. In this personal universe, you find lots of information. There may be ‘classified’ information regarding relationships, fears, financial matters, indebtedness (e.g. the food he brought may have been bought with borrowed money, but he/she is too ashamed to share that information), inside the private universe there is a file marked in red “Secret”.
  • Let him/her into your inner universe, your inner world.
  • Maintain openness with each other.
  • Simply have nothing to hide.

Being Authentic

  • Being authentic means being genuine, original, real.
  • Just be yourself, be who you are.
  • Avoid being fake.
  • Avoid seeking to impress.
  • Avoid seeking to express your identity in things, positions and possessions.
  • Seek to find your identity in God through your relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.

Evaluate yourself as husband or wife.

Take a moment to assess yourself on each of the areas as a husband or wife. If you think you are doing very well on being available, give yourself a star. Do the same with each of the areas. Add up the number of stars you have at the end of the assessment. If you have only one star, you are a one-star spouse. If you have five stars, you are a five-star spouse. You can then share your assessment with your wife, husband for validation, discussion and prayer towards becoming a five-star spouse.

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