Couple’s Refresher Forum

Where we look at topical issues that are critical to couples, especially sensitive topics that are realities of life. and in line with earthly relevance, we also do frank talks and equally get seasoned marriage experts to talk with couples.

The family ministry focuses on couples that are intentional with their spouses and who also lead  heavenly minded lives although living on earth. We believe that even heaven-made marriages need earthly maintenance to sustain them.. that’s our brand mantra.

So we help couples to achieve earthly maintenance for heaven-made marriages, resulting in sustainable and flourishing marital experience.

We also help parents learn how to engage their children in a way that helps them achieve the mandates of heavenly mindedness and earthly relevance.

Putting Couples and Families in God’s Hands

Intergenerational Connect

Where we bring the older and younger generations together under one roof to exchange thoughts and ideas, youth and their parents.

Our drive with the forum is to allow for the older generation to tell us how things used to be from their experiences, while the young people bring to our notice how things are right now. Therefore, in synergy, both generations come up with a template of how things ought to be. That is, since we are under the umbrella of Christ the question is how we can both accommodate each other, how we can both accept each other so we can have a rich relationship despite our variances in terms of worldview and exposure.

We organize forums with churches and pastors and bring up topical issues and ask bold and penetrating questions towards finding lasting pathways to staying heavenly minded and earthly relevant in our families and respective spaces and fostering bonds between parents and their children.

Couples Forum

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