The story was told of a young man who once lived in a community with his
parents. His father was reputable for addiction to alcohol, and his mother was famous for petty trading. In that community, there was a weekly market where his mother sold grains every Thursday. Someday, he mobilized his friends (the youth) in that community to fix all the leaking thatched roofs of shops in the market. On account of this young man and his friends, the shops in the market had better roofs over them that prevented rain from ruining the community women’s business.

In the annals of this community, what do you think this young man (and his friends) will be remembered for?…….. Exactly my point. Posterity remembers them for fixing the roof of the shops in the community market, though with thatched grasses which they went and gathered from the bush. Posterity will not remember him for his father’s or mother’s preferred choice of life, but for what he and his friends did for the benefit of their community.

Life is sometimes lived in transit- being with different people in different places. Where you live and the people you are currently relating with were probably not in your inner circle twenty years ago. Reason that life is sometimes lived in transit. Interestingly, you are remembered for something- rightly or wrongly at every spot on that transit. Thus, for posterity’s sake, be intentional in your actions and inactions as you relate and experience people within your space and fellowship. Honestly, you will be always remembered for who you are and what you do (or are doing right now for the benefit of others, the Church and society). More so, the people you help will remember you for your help while the people you refuse to help will definitely remember you for not helping them even when you had the privilege to do so.

The posterity question this article wishes to ask and stir in your heart is “what are you remembered for?” Within your environment, office space, what runs through the minds of colleagues, relatives, and Church members when your name is mentioned? Whether dead or alive, these questions are timeless. The answer to these questions is simple- the impact of your actions in other people’s lives, not because of the sound of your name or title or length of years on earth. Trust me when I tell you that your today’s acts of making life worth living for others and the Church of Christ constitute posterity for future reference.

Permit me to stretch your thought and awaken your sensitivity; in the next two or five or ten or 50 years (2, 5, 10, 50 yrs.) if Christ tarries, you may be alive or gone to rest with the Lord, but your today’s acts in terms of actions and inactions in other people’s lives will be remembered for posterity. You may or may not have the opportunity to write your history twice. Thus, wisdom demands that you write your story exactly how you want it read for posterity. I strongly suggest that you write the script of your life with the ink of what you are doing for others in your family, Church and society.

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