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God has graced the man O.J. Dickson to give birth to the O.J Dickson Ministry. The Ministry focuses on the Youth and Families. Both expressions are keen to build Christ-like people that are heavenly-minded and earthly-relevant.

In 2001, while he was a student at the ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Plateau State, O.J. Dickson was by himself on a hilltop and praying one day when Psalm 115:16 was inspired in his heart. He opened to it and read:

The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth has He given to the sons of men.”

It wasn’t the first time he was reading that verse, but it left a lasting impression in his heart this time.

Later, he confided in two of his ministry mentors: Rev. Prof. Nathan Chiroma and Mrs Esther Kantiyok, separately, and they helped him to better understand what God was saying to him.

God was saying that in His sovereignty, He has privileged human beings to determine how the earth looks and functions. We (human beings) choose if there is peace on earth, and generosity, care, value for human dignity, empathy, impact, and more. Humans determine a lot happening on earth.

Thus, when we choose negative impact, that is what we will have. Same can be said when we choose positive impact.

This derives from the premise that God, in His sovereignty, designed the world to function by two (2) influences:

  1. The divine component, and
  2. The human responsibility

At OJ Dickson Ministry, we help people achieve this understanding that there are certain things we must do in order to achieve desirable results in our lives. Especially as Christians, we must lead by setting emulative examples through productivity and relevant contribution to our spaces of influence. That is how we can permeate the world with the knowledge, love and kindness of our Father. Christianity is more than just giving your life to Christ. Giving your life to Christ is an invitation to a way of life.

OJ Dickson Ministry was established to bridge the gap of people waiting for a “bus to take them to heaven” while missing the many opportunities to impact their world. You must make your life count before you can add value to others. Be a person other people will be grateful to God on account of what you have done for them.

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