The story was told of a young man who gave his life to Christ and later backslid into drinking alcohol, smoking anything that can bring out smoke, sleeping with any woman that is available, and dancing to the rhythm of any sound in a disco (party) hall. One day an evangelist came to hold a meeting in the young man’s local church and asked after the vibrant, God-loving young man that she used to know in that Church. To her chagrin surprise, she was told that he had returned to where he belonged, “the world”. In ‘holy anger’ she went to the young man’s house to check up on him, and on arriving at his house she met him smelling cigarette, yet she remained committed to his restoration. About twenty years later the young man hosted a gospel event that had about sixty-two thousand women in attendance. He introduced the evangelist as the vessel that God used to restore him back to the faith at a time when a lot of ‘spiritual Christians’ had given up on him.

As you read this story the young man is one of the renowned preachers of our time, as he ministers to women through a program ‘Woman, Thou Art Loosed’ he ministers to men through ‘Man Power Conference’ he ministers to youth through ‘3G’ in MEGA FEAST programs. That young man is now, Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes (T.D. Jakes) of The Potter’s House. Though T.D. Jakes has handed over the ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ program to his daughter, Sarah Jakes Robert, posterity will remember T.D. Jakes for his immeasurable impact through the ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ series of programs. What an impact through a T.D Jakes, much more to say, what an impact through the Evangelist woman who was committed to his restoration when some ‘saints’ in Church had written him off. I beg of you, don’t allow the potential around you to waste. The impact you are privileged to make is the ministry of God in your hands. Please do the ministry with all your might because the harvest will always be beyond your wildest imagination.

Need I remind you that once upon a time in Jesus’ ministry, a woman was caught in adultery and deserved death, but Jesus offered her what she didn’t deserve LIFE, but with an instruction, “… And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.” (Jn 8:1-11 NLT). Imagine if the Evangelist in our story hadn’t gone in search of T.D. Jakes for restoration?

Imagine if this Evangelist had accepted the Church’s conclusion of the boy’s backslidden state. Imagine the voltage of potentials that has (and is still) being wasted because a person (young or old) committed a sin or backslides or falters along spirituality or/and morality praxis? Imagine how many children could have turned out differently if they had experienced the kind of grace and risk that this Evangelist took for T.D. Jakes? Imagine how many people have committed suicide because the Church of Jesus which was founded on undeserved love and mercy decided to treat them based on what they deserved? Imagine how many times we have treated people with disdain because we are of better spiritual or moral standing than them? Imagine how judgmental you have become because of God’s grace working in your life?

Please, I beseech you, don’t let them waste. I am not in any way advocating for tolerance of sin and degradation of Christ’s virtue but am of the opinion that beyond judging and labelling people, let’s show them the kind of love they seem not to deserve. The kind of love that is voiced in verse eight of Romans chapter five (Rom. 5:8 NIV) “…While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”


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